Wermod Dry makes a splendid aperitif, chilled in a small glass, accompanying olives, almonds, charcuterie or other appetisers – but that’s by no means the only way to enjoy it. Here are some ideas to set you imagination going.

The ideal Martini:
40ml gin;
25 ml Wermod Dry;
stir with ice, strain, garnish with lemon zest.

The ideal Spritz:
Pour 50ml Wermod Dry into a tall glass with ice, fill with tonic water
(or bitter lemon, sparkling water, prosecco),
Add a dash or two of Angostura or orange bitters,
Garnish with lemon or cucumber, mint or rosemary, or edible flowers such as borage or marigolds.


Sea Spray To The Face: 
Created by James Bowker of The Wilderness

We were delighted that James  Bowker created this cocktail for a tasting at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham in August 2017. The cocktail was themed around the nostalgia of visiting the UK seaside with the salty sea water splashing on your face and the smell of sun tan lotion in the air. 

Oyster Leaf & Sea Lettuce infused Hendricks Gin
Wermod Great British Vermouth
Manzanilla Sherry
Stirred and garnished with Sun Tan lotion Tincture

The Mintini, from our friends at Botanist Gin

50ml Botanist Gin
15ml mint and spruce shrub
10ml Great British Wermod Dry
Bar spoon of 4 mint tincture

Stir with ice. Strain and serve over crushed ice with a watermint garnish.

For the adventurous, a longer list of cocktail recipes is here.

Cooking with Vermouth:

Because it keeps well in the fridge, vermouth is an excellent choice for recipes requiring a dash to a glass of white wine, such as risottos and veloutés. It harmonises well with fish (steam salmon in foil with it) and shellfish (try a shallot, Wermod Dry and crème fraîche sauce with pan-seared scallops). It also gives a rich, herby flavour to braised vegetables like fennel, carrots, and leeks.