Wermod Great British Vermouth™  takes vermouth back to its roots. Crisp, clean, delightfully dry, it captures all the wonderful diversity of the Great British countryside in a bottle.

Vermouth was produced in Britain long before it became associated with the Alpine regions that are now the centre of the industry. The name “vermouth” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “wermód,” meaning “manly courage.”

Our Vermouth is hand-produced in small batches on the Dalmeny Estate, just outside Edinburgh. We use locally sourced and foraged herbs and flowers, naturally and sustainably grown on our land. The herbal heritage of this estate dates back nearly a thousand years, to the time of Queen Margaret.

Our Compounder follows a traditional method of cold infusion, which helps to preserve the flavour and beneficial qualities of our 24 herbs and flowers. We add no sweeteners, colourings or other artificial additives

Our Vermouth is completely natural – and it tastes delicious: as crisp, scented, and bracing as an April morning in the hills.

Try it chilled as an apéritif, as a refreshing spritzer, or with warming cassis or other fruit liqueur. And for the perfect martini, pair one of the great British gins with this Great British Vermouth.

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The Vermouth Gods at the Compounding House


Michael Kaplan introduces Wermod, Great British Vermouth from the Compounding House in Edinburgh.



Michael Kaplan talks about the topiary at the Compounding House where Wermod, Great British Vermouth is produced.