all the freshness of Spring, in a glass

With its vast range of environments – uplands, forest, pasture, seashore, and riverbank – Britain enjoys a wonderful variety of wild and naturalised herbs. A great number of these have health-preserving properties, so it is little wonder that this country has a deep tradition of herbalism, going back thousands of years.

When the Romans brought winemaking to Britannia, they provided the perfect medium for capturing all this herbal richness: the infusion that the Old English named wermód – and that we call Vermouth.

Like all true vermouths, Wermod Dry contains wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), a bitter perennial herb known as a tonic and aid to digestion. This is balanced with 23 other herb essences to create a crisp, harmonious whole.

  • Made by hand in small batches on the Dalmeny Estate, near Edinburgh.
  • British wine, spirit, and herbs – sustainably grown and foraged here on the estate.
  • No added sweeteners (or other artificial additives) – so no soapy aftertaste in your martini!
  • Cold infused, to preserve the delicate flavours and beneficial qualities of our 24 herbs and flowers.
  • Made with herbs that harmonise with gin botanicals, such as bay, orris, and coriander, for delicious cocktails. Other ingredients, such as lemon balm and elderflower, give a floral depth to the wine flavour. Still others, like nettle and “sticky Willie,” are medicinal herbs that most people now think of as weeds.
  • Many of these herbs are “aperient,” promoting good appetite. Wermod Dry is thus an ideal aperitif.